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Sarah Sassoon is a second-year International Development student from New York City. She spent the summer in between her first and second years at SAIS working on the Digital Financial Services team at Tamweelcom, a non-profit microfinance organization in Amman, Jordan. Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in Middle East Studies and International Relations at Cornell University, during which time she studied Arabic and spent her semester abroad in Jerusalem, Israel. In her spare time, she loves (to attempt) to cook, spend time outdoors and dance to any and all 90's hits.



Saksham Khosla is a second-year International Development student from New Delhi, India. He previously conducted research on India’s economic, welfare, and administrative reforms at Carnegie India. After graduating from Oberlin College with degrees in politics and creative writing, he spent a year as a James C. Gaither Junior Fellow in the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He tweets @khoslasaksham. 

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Yifan Powers is a second-year International Development student from Boston, MA. After graduating from Boston University, she worked in the financial services sector at Bloomberg, L.P., served as an Americorps VISTA in the District of Columbia, and later worked in tax policy at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. She loves her DC neighborhood of Park View, travel, and any form of noodle soup.



Hayden Hubbard is a first-year International Development student from Logan, Utah. After two years of volunteer service in Romania and Moldova, he studied Economics at Utah State University. He has held research positions at the Center for Growth and Opportunity and the Norwegian School of Economics in addition to cofounding Resilient, a Utah-based non-profit helping disadvantaged adolescents participate in volunteer service. In his free time he enjoys soccer, skiing and playing classical piano.



Camille Sachs is a first-year International Development student at the SAIS Europe campus. She is from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Camille received her Bachelor’s degree in International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound. While there, she studied Spanish and spent time abroad in Spain and Southeast Asia. After graduating, Camille spent several years working in campaign finance. She worked on the 2016 McGinty campaign in Pennsylvania before moving to Washington, DC where she joined the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. In her free time, Camille enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time outside.



Markus Specht is a first-year International Development student from Germany, currently studying at SAIS Europe in Bologna. He recently earned Bachelor's degrees from the Paris Institute of Political Science (SciencesPo) and the Free University of Berlin and conducted research on international norms scholarship at the Berlin Social Science Center and the Center for Strategic Studies in Amman. Markus also has experience in non-profit work from his time at Doctors Without Borders and the Tushita Foundation India in Jaipur. He enjoys tutoring students in the IB Diploma Program, learning languages and going to music festivals.


Past editors and themes

2018, "Inclusive Development": Ammar Khalid (editor-in-chief), Grace Cramer, Adam Weber

2017, "Technology and Development": Maria Lopez Conde (editor-in-chief), Krishnan Raghavan, Brittany Grabel

2016, "Migration and Displacement": Gabor Debreczeni (editor-in-chief), Ashley Augsburger, Deea Ariana                          

2015, "Urbanization": Jacob Morrin (editor-in-chief), Gregor Schueler